Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sound and Sense, 2-14

Time for more instances of the homophone: a word pronounced the same as another but differing in meaning, whether spelled the same way or not, as heir and air.

1. hostel (noun): an inexpensive place for usually young travelers to stay overnight; a shelter for homeless people
2. hostile (adj.): of or relating to an enemy; not friendly—having or showing unfriendly feelings; unpleasant or harsh

His hostel room was not the best
(The worst, in fact, from east to west),
But it was his—and he felt blessed.

But then one day some hostile guy
Moved in next door—I’m not sure why.
But he was very much nearby.

Our friend was not too sure of it—
And was not happy, not one bit.
And, sure enough, it was a hit!

The hitman tried to play it cool—
But he got taken straight to school.
(This hitman was a total fool.)

Our friend had lured him through the door—
Then hit him with a dresser drawer.
The hitman hit the hostel floor.

Our friend became a hero then—
A viral story—ten of ten!
And now he’s back in bucks again!

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