Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wordsbirds, 49

We’ve commenced our journey backward through Webster’s 3rd. I’m picking a word near the end of each entry for each letter—a word that interests me for some reason or a word I’d not ever known before—and surrounding it with a frayed coat of doggerel.

Words that flew into my life from Webster’s 3rd …

dzo noun
a hybrid between the yak and the domestic cow

The yak and cow were lovers, so
They did what lovers do, you know?

And somewhat later, fairly slow,
A child was born—they named it Dzo.

And years would come, and years would go,
But Dzo they loved—and Dzo would grow.

And soon they put him in a show—
And he was handsome, all aglow.

He found a wife—and some tableau
They formed. (Their child was Little Joe.)

He loved the art of mad Van Gogh—
He died while reading H. Thoreau.

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