Friday, May 27, 2016

Wordbirds, 71

AT LAST—We’ve now commenced our third—and final—journey through Webster’s 3rd. This time, I’m picking a word near the middle of each entry for each letter—a word that interests me for some reason or a word I’d not ever known before—and surrounding it with a frayed coat of doggerel.

Words that flew into my life from Webster’s 3rd

resiliate verb (transitive) [reh-ZILL-ee-ate]
to cancel

She wanted to resiliate
The “yes” she’d said about a date,
But now, she feared, it was too late.

The dude was standing at her door—
Not knowing what a doorbell’s for?—
Oh, going out with him: a chore!

He stood there in a cautious way,
Then turned and simply walked away.
And she was thrilled—a lucky day!

But then he turned right back again—
And rang the bell. She let him in.
She had more fun than … who knows when?

And all of this just merely shows
That love is more than someone knows.
Sometimes it freezes, melts, then flows.

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