Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wordbirds, 61

AT LAST—We’ve now commenced our third—and final—journey through Webster’s 3rd. This time, I’m picking a word near the middle of each entry for each letter—a word that interests me for some reason or a word I’d not ever known before—and surrounding it with a frayed coat of doggerel.

Words that flew into my life from Webster’s 3rd

ingravidate verb
to impregnate (obs.)

Poor Jen was disappointed when
She learned from her computer date
That his intended fun with Jen
Was wishing to ingravidate


She changed his tune—and right away:
“Oh, this won’t happen!” she declared.
“It just will not! No, not today!”
And he said, “But I thought you cared!”

(“For me.")

“Oh, I can’t stand concupsience—
I can’t abide such patent lust!”
He thought that Jen just made no sense
And so the whole thing bit the dust

(Their relationship).

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