Sunday, August 30, 2015

Words, Words, Twaddle, 13

(We all dislike/hate certain words and locutions; here are some of mine.)

Synergy Bar

I kind of liked it—“synergy”—
At least at first I kind of did.
But then it came to grate on me,
And now I think we should forbid

Its use—except for scientists,
Who need it. But the rest of us?
We don’t. And I will use my fists
Against offenders—and I’ll cuss

A bit while doing so. Perhaps
I’ll even key your precious car.
Or catch your pets in painful traps.
(I know: That’s going much too far.)

But there’s no problem, girls and boys—
There’s such a simple remedy:
Just quit that stupid wordy noise!
And stop the use of “synergy.”

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