Monday, August 17, 2015

Fauna Foolery II, No. 50 (and Final!)

Animal adjectives we apply to people.

Fiery George

Young George was seeking much in life—
Adventure, Love, and All Things Fine.
He found Fine Things; he found a Wife—
And here came something draconine!

It breathed fierce fire from out its snout—
And when George asked, “Is Smaug your name?”
It roared, “That name I'll do without!”
So George dispatched it, gaining fame.

He was plain “George” before he slew
The dragon. People cheered (so quaint)
And honored George for his great coup,
Awarding him the title “Saint.”

And afterwards, throughout his life,
He’d also earned a name so fine.
Oh, he was proud of kids and wife
Of being called Sir Draconine!

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