Monday, January 30, 2017

ZooWeird 61

A doggerel series about odd or little-known animals.

Pacific Barreleye.  The Pacific barreleye fish is one the weirdest creatures lurking deep in the ocean. Named after its eyes that are literally shaped like barrels, the species' most unique trait is the completely transparent head. M. microstoma is the only representative of the genus Macropinna, belonging to the Opisthoproctidae family. Although known to scientists since 1939,  it was photographed alive only in 2004. Old drawings and photos do not show the transparent head: It is usually destroyed when they are brought up to the surface. The Pacific barreleye fish occurs at depths ranging from 600 to at least 800 metres (~ 2.000 -2,600 ft), in the North Pacific. (All animal info from

The barreleye (I read today)
Has one trait I would really dread:
He can’t fool others with a lie
Because of his transparent head.

Just think how awful that would be—
If all could see our private thoughts!
We’d need a social referee
To loosen all the social knots

That I’m afraid would soon ensue.
We’d be involved in constant spats—
Yes, you with me and I with you …
Relationships would die like gnats.

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