Thursday, January 19, 2017

ZooWeird 50

A doggerel series about odd or little-known animals.

 Mike, the Headless Chicken: Everyone has heard that headless cockroaches can survive for days or even weeks. But how about a chicken? Can a decapitated chicken survive for days or even weeks? Sounds  impossible; however, there is a story of a decapitated chicken that actually survived for 18 straight months! Also known as Miracle Mike, he was a Wyandotte rooster born in April 1945. Back in his days, Mike became really famous due to surviving for almost two years after being decapitated. You may think that the story is a hoax, as many did back then. However, the chicken was examined by scientists at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City while it was still alive and the story has been verified to be 100 % real. (all animal info from

It really seems impossible—
A chicken with no head!
Who lived, it seems, some eighteen months
Before he was, well, dead.

The Headless Horseman (so I heard)
Just scoffed with disrespect:
“Just eighteen months—how pitiful!
I’m better, recollect?”

But here’s a thought: A headless life—
No matter what you feel—
Is better for a rooster than
To be an evening’s meal!

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