Sunday, January 8, 2017

ZooWeird 39

A doggerel series about odd or little-known animals.

Meet the Indian purple frog, an endangered and odd-looking species of frog from the mountains of India’s Western Ghats. The species was formally described only in 2003, although there was a lot of anecdotal evidence surrounding its existence. Other than its weird spherical looks, the pig-nosed frog also has a very unique and unusual burrowing lifestyle. Initially believed to be restricted to the south of the Palghat Gap in the Western Ghats, the frog, additional research has revealed, exists farther north of the gap. Today, the pig-nosed frog is known to be distributed in the Western Ghats, ranging from the Camel's Hump Hill Range in the north, all the way to the northernmost portions of the Agasthyamalai Hill Range in the south. (All animal info from

How bad is that? A pig-nosed frog!
The dude could prob’ly use some grog

To have to bear that name in life:
How could he ever find a wife?

I mean, a woman introduced
To some guy seeming to be juiced

And having “pig-nosed” as his name?
The marriage prospects? Very lame.

Oh, not a pleasant sort of gig
To lug around the name of pig!

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