Tuesday, February 28, 2017

ZooWeird 88

A doggerel series about odd or little-known animals.

Zospeum tholussum (transparent snail): The newly discovered Z. tholussum is a cave-dwelling species of air-breathing land snails and has a semi-transparent shell which is beautifully shaped like a dome. The species is extremely small, with a shell height of less than 2 mm. It was discovered at depths of 743 to 1,392 m (2,438 to 4,567 ft) in the Lukina jama–Trojama cave system in Croatia in 2010 during a caving expedition. (All animal info from http://www.strangeanimals.info/2015/04/10-weirdest-transparent-animals.html#ixzz4Zja70h63)

He lives in caves—likes water deep—
And is so very small.
He features a transparent shell,
Is able to enthrall

By his amazing life and looks
There is the darkest caves,
Where he’s caressed by Nature in
Her subtle, soothing waves.


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