Monday, February 27, 2017

ZooWeird 87

A doggerel series about odd or little-known animals.


Turtle frog.  An odd looking frog that has a body shape reminiscent of a turtle with no shell. M. gouldii is a Western Australian frog and the sole representative of the genus Myobatrachus. The species is a common sight in the area between Geraldton and Fitzgerald River in the Perth region of Western Australia. The turtle frog is usually found beneath logs and rocks in sandy soil, open woodlands, dense scrubs in sand hills, and places where the soil is made of leached grey sand. Interestingly, turtle frogs skip the tadpole stage. The embryos undergo the entire developmental process while still inside their eggs. Hatchlings are fully developed and look like miniature adults. Turtle frogs feed exclusively on termites and can eat up to 400 at a time.  (All animal info from

A frog looks like a turtle? Well,
I don’t think that is all that swell.
But he is prob’ly satisfied—
That smile it has? Now, that’s the “tell.”

The frog hates having his legs fried—
He’d rather have them occupied
With pleasure and emergency,
For when they’re frying, he has died!

But he eats termites (graciously?)—
And tries to live so gracefully
So turtles will so clearly see
That he is not some mystery.

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