Saturday, June 10, 2017

Around the World in the Good Ship DOGGEREL, 94

A doggerel series about the countries of the world.


Oh, the problems it faces are daunting to see—
Are there hopes that the people will ever be free?
Can they ever find safety? Or hope in their hearts?
Or will Lebanon stay just so fractured? In parts?

And it once, so I’ve read, was a place people went
To escape all the winter, the problems life sent.
It’s dissolved into conflict and horrible war—
And we mustn’t forget what our empathy’s for!

So we hope in our hearts that they’ll one day find peace—
And will feel all the joy that will come with release
From the sounds of the battles, the aches of the fear.
And may all swiftly come—may it all turn out near.

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