Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sound & Sense, 2-86

Time for more instances of the homophone: a word pronounced the same as another but differing in meaning, whether spelled the same way or not, as heir and air.

1. gneiss (noun): a foliated metamorphic rock corresponding in composition to a feldspathic plutonic rock (as granite)
2. nice (adj.): giving pleasure or joy; attractive or of good quality; kind, polite, and friendly

It isn't nice to throw a rock—
Especially at an older man,
Who’s merely walking down the block,
Who makes his way as best he can.

And when that rock you throw is gneiss,
And when it hits him in the face,
And when he then slips on the ice,
And sprawls in pain—oh such disgrace!

So if you choose to be more kind—
To be more human, far more nice
It’s better if you search and find
A softer rock—that isn’t gneiss.

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