Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wordbirds, 22

This new series—“Wordbirds”—arises from a journey I am taking through my Webster’s 3rd Dictionary. What I’m doing: I look on the first page for each letter, and the first word that flies up at me (because I don’t know it, because I just think it’s interesting, etc.) becomes the subject for that day’s doggerel. I will move through letter z, then work my way back again, the second time using the last page of each letter’s section of Webster's. Let’s see what happens ...

Words that flew into my life from Webster’s 3rd

vaccary noun
cow pasture; dairy farm

The bull enjoyed the vaccary
Where everything he loved was free:
The air and water, feed of course—
And not a single hated horse.

He had extensive room to browse—
But best of all? So many cows!
They were so willing, all of them,
And all of that delighted him.

And so our bull enjoyed his days—
To drink and love and blithely graze.
No worries—none!—of job or spouse—
Just one wee thing: the slaughterhouse. 

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